Mad Max Gets Reinvented to an Open World Third Person Shooter

The single player action title from 1990 might have been washed away from the memories of some but not the diehard fans and certainly not Avalanche Studios. The Just Cause developers are looking forward to testing their capabilities by shifting from its beachfront housing, all colorful action adventure to a more somber and grim look of Mad Max.

The game is a Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment franchise based on the epic movie by Mel Gibson. A rich looking third-person open world vehicular combat based Mad Max takes you on an open world spin around a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Max, the protagonist tag teams with Chumbucket a crookbacked mechanic who would be of great assistance when it comes to vehicular combat

Since it’s a destroyed world, and you are out in the wild the initial gameplay will not have a busy environment with foes popping up around every corner – but that doesn’t mean it’s just you. You will be driving to encampments spread over the map in a ride tailored for you my Chum the aide.

Just as their short-lived demo showed at the E3 each of these voyages would have a mission like passing through a certain bandit-led camp named jaw to get to your Gastown, your destination where fuel and resources await.

Vehicle upgrades will be available and preferred for every mission might need a different type of assault, and Chumbucket will be at your disposal for that. Both the rides and Chumbucket’s skills are upgradable.

Upgrading the vehicles would mean better protective measures, weapon hard points as well as ramming grilles. Chumbucket on the other hand, would be improved into a more effective less time consuming car maker.

There will be more than 50 vehicles apart from the custom-made ride, but that doesn’t mean all the combat sequences will include vehicles; on foot, encounters are equally weighted.

Max will be confidently equipped with arms with each one of them suited for a different type of fight. For instance with his trademark shotgun he can lead on foot scuffles that also might include bare hand engagements.

You will also have a collapsible sniper rifle on your car to shoot down enemies from long range as well as a staff with a saw-toothed blade called Thunderstick.

The whole layout is that of a world in the ruins, the aftermath of a human civilization being torn down to dust. So don’t be surprised by the lack of humanity visually as well as in the grotesque combats. The map presented at the E3 demo portrays multiple regions though, which would be talked about after later revelations by Warner Bros.

So far, the game looks rich and with a lot of content to look forward to, but that is based on limited information. We shall have to wait for more insights before a verdict comes out since there’s still a year and a half in the game’s release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.