God of War: Redemption for PS4 and Vita – Rumor or Possibility?

For Sony the number 4 holds more meaning than just signifying the PlayStation console iteration. We’re talking about the fourth installments of a number of first-party franchises that given the circumstance; would kill off any competition provided the games are in development.

Two of them are of course God of War IV and Uncharted 4; of which the latter seems to have the higher chance of materializing. However, recently an image was posted on the PlayStation forums teasing a blurry shot of one God of War IV: Redemption for the PlayStation 4 and Vita.

God of War Redemption

According to the image, Sony Santa Monica is developing the game and before we go into the legitimacy of the image, let’s first look at what Sony Santa Monica has been working on.

Little do people realize that The Order 1866 is not the only game Santa Monica has been working on. The studio was divided into two groups, of which one was working on The Order, while the other was working on an unannounced project. It could very well be that the project was a new God of War game, possibly slated for release in Fall of 2014.

However, such a decision would just mean milking the franchise since Ascension failed to deliver.

Sony is expected to announce further titles for their PlayStation 4 at Gamescom in August. If God of War: Redemption does exist, we’ll hear about it then. Would you want to see Kratos back in rage-mode?