Earth Defense Force 2025 an Overload of Bugs and Weapons

Did you think you have had enough of extraterrestrial being-based flicks and games? Well, not everyone thinks so –especially not Sandlot, the developers of Earth Defense Force 2025.

Of course, it is a third person shooter with an equipped team of army men at your disposal, but the enemies are not inhumane humans. You fight against an alien invasion taking up arms against everything from gigantic ants, tarantulas, bees to airships, winged mechanical units and walking fortresses!

Gameplay for EDF 2025 will be the same that Earth Defense Force 2017 introduced and the story picks up from where the last edition ended. All the bugs were killed or sent off during the last encounter, the ones that survived had been hibernating underground for eight years only to strike back when they regained their strength –and improved!

This time though you are better equipped in terms of knowledge as well as weaponry which is evident from the fact that game hoards nearly 700 different types of weapons! Now that is a big number, probably excessive but hey it does give you variety! Not to forget that the fun element would increase when you have countless options to go about the same mission.

The game does not present the finest tuned graphics; it might seem rough at the edges. Yes it is an improvement from the previous version but still it is not an Xbox One or PS4 material. You will have to do with all the killing and bugs and the unlimited variety of guns to keep yourself content.

EDF 2025 game plays with four different types of character choices; near to cannon fodder Rangers, the exclusive to women section of Wing Divers who come equipped with alien technology and are airborne, Air Raiders who perform the assistance work i.e. calling air raids, healing units and summoning vehicles and lastly, probably the most suitable Fencers who are heavily armored with deflective shields and wield weapons like armor-piercing hand cannons and blast hole spears.

Playable as a single players as well as a maximum of four players online, it could be your past time shoot-the-crap-out-of-everything game but it still has a long way to go when it comes to technical aspects like more mature graphics that are compatible to other games being developed in the market.

Japan will see the game quite a few months before the North America as July 4th has been confirmed as the release date there in comparison to a February 2014 release in the US. Awaiting pricing information.