Behind the Scenes Video for Titanfall Explains the Core Concepts

Check out this new Dev Diary for Titanfall that Respawn Entertainment has just released. Say what you want about the Xbox One, this game actually doesn’t look that bad to me. The video explains what makes Titanfall a unique game as compared to Battlefield and Call of Duty, two titles that it has been (perhaps unfairly) compared with.

One of the designers mentions how the mechs in Titanfall are different from similarly giant robots you find in other franchises:

We’re trying to redefine what you think when you see Giant Robots on screen. They’re not lumbering, they’re really fast, they’re agile, they’re fun [and] there’s a lot you can do with them

They also compare the differences in playstyle between pilots and Titans. Being a pilot with a jetpack, it’s all about hit and run and taking advantage of the opponent’s blind spots to cripple them. Pilots are supposed to use their superior mobility to get the drop on the Titans, while the Titans have immense amount of overwhelming firepower, but can easily be taken down by a single pilot if they don’t pay attention or lack support.

Although it’s another shooting game, the concept however, does look refreshing and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.