Today is the Official Launch of Neverwinter

So apparently, despite being able to play the game for month now, Neverwinter hadn’t actually launched yet. It was in a sort of pseudo-beta stage after the soft launch back at the end of April, which means that there were still some pretty big problems (bugs, glitches, exploits).

Well Cryptic and Perfect world are finally ready to declare the game launch-ready and have unleashed it upon the unsuspecting public, along with an update. The update brings in the new Alchemy profession and the mixed PvP/PvE dungeon Gauntlgrym, as well as permanent price drops in the Zen Store.

The Devs have also been able to release some information relating to the first free expansion for the game. The expansion is called Fury of the Feywild and is the first of the expansions they’re preparing to release this summer. It will bring three campaign areas, three instances, new enemies, new loot, and a new dungeon to the live game.

What has been your experience with Neverwinter so far? Would you recommend it to others? As I understand there were some problems with exploits and balance in the game but apparently those have been fixed for the most part.

Share your Neverwinter experience below!

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