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No Fez 2 for Either Xbox One or Xbox 360

In an interesting interview with Polygon, Developer of Fez Phil Fish, has revealed that there are no plans for releasing the sequel, Fez 2 on any of the Xboxes.

The indie developer and Microsoft have had a bit of a problem in their relationship in the past, owing to the infamous Fez patch for the Xbox 360 that broke the game so bad they didn’t even bother to release a second one.

Talking about that, Fish wrote on his blog that it made no sense for an indie developer to spend such excess amount of money on re-certification since they barely have enough funding to get the game out in the first place.

As a result, Fish says that this time around they won’t have Fez for that platform. Fish also had some harsh words for the Xbox One:

“I hope it’s a joke. I hope Microsoft is pulling a New Coke on us, announcing a [bad] console nobody wants, only to eventually announce the Xbox Classic and winning back everybody’s hearts. Microsoft is making a console for itself. Not for gamers. Not for developers. Just for its own, greedy little Orwellian self. I’m not interested.”

Fish also isn’t happy with how non-indie-friendly the console is. He said he’s much happier with Sony’s stance on that front, citing the company as ‘Having their heart in the right place’.