Code of Princess Might See a Sequel on Next Gen Consoles

Original Code of Princess was made for the Nintendo 3DS platform and was released in April and November last year in Japan and US respectively. The producer Yasuo Nakajima recently showed interest in making a sequel to beat ‘em up hack and slash RPG in a talk with Siliconera.

Though Code of Princess was the first attempt by Agatsuma Entertainment at core gaming, it received a wealthy response in the US –probably the reason why Nakajima would want to see the game developed for the next generation consoles.

The previous version of the game had more than 50 playable characters in both single player as well as multiplayer allowing up to four players at a time. The Princess Solange Blanchefleur de Lux is exiled from her kingdom after monsters attack them and now she must go on a quest to cure the monsters’ violent behavior fighting a certain Distron Army at the same time.

The game play couples campaign scenarios as well as versus modes in which players can fight against each other. The campaign mode, on the other hand, takes you on quests with a storyline to follow. Experience points and levels help give it a RPG-ish touch as well.

Yasuo Nakajima conveyed that the team already has Code of Princess 2 in mind, and it might well be developed for the Xbox One and PS4 if it does go into development. Right now, these are just ideas and statements, nothing has been started practically.

Until recently, Agatsuma Entertainment was working on Farewell Umihara Kawase, and now they might start looking for the next project –Code of Princess 2 could be a likely choice.