Watch Dogs Multiplayer Lets You Hack Your Way to Victory

Ubisoft have finally released a multiplayer trailer for their upcoming open-world title, Watch Dogs. In this trailer you can watch as two separate players hack against each other all the while trying to keep up their secrecy and not get caught themselves.

This particular kind of multiplayer is definitely quite interesting, as both of the players are playing in the singleplayer world of Watch Dogs, but are perceived as completely different characters by each other. Whilst you’ll always see yourself as Aiden Pearce, should you find yourself in another player’s world then that player will see your character as a generic NPC.

This kind of multiplayer was shown off at the end of Ubisoft E3 2012 trailer when they announced Watch Dogs, but they never elaborated on exactly how this system would work.

If nothing else, it seems like a revolutionary way of thinking about blending multiplayer and singleplayer, and with all the changes currently happening in the industry, this can only be a good thing.