PS4 Allows Players to Prioritize What Sections of a Game to Download First

Recently, Sony released a video about its user interface for the PS4.

While the video shows off a plethora of services like cross game audio chat, messaging across different platforms via social media and remote purchase of PS4 games via mobile devices, the most interesting reveal in the advertisement is the fact that players will be able to prioritize which section of the PS4 game to download first.

Sony has revealed that the PS4 will allow its users to prioritize the order in which their game downloads are completed, so that certain parts of the game are downloaded first, allowing the player to jump into that portion without waiting for the whole game to finish download.

This means that PS4 users will be able to install multiplayer or singleplayer portion of PS4 games first so that they can jump headfirst into the game without waiting.

The video above shows how the user was able to purchase Killzone: Shadow Fall and then prioritize the download of its multiplayer portion so that he can play it with his friend as the single player portion gets downloaded in the mean time

This feature confirms the previous Sony announcement about how players on PS4 will be able to play games almost as soon as they begin the download process.

However, the exact details of how this feature would work or accommodate designs of games like Dark Souls, Destiny, Watch Dogs and Division, that are based on seamless integration between single and multiplayer isn’t clear yet.