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OP Productions Renaming War Z to Infestation: Survivor Stories

A recent press release from OP Productions reads that their open-world zombie survival horror game previously known as War Z will now be called as Infestation: Survivor Stories. The press release reads the reason behind changing the franchise’s name as, “in part to help fans differentiate the popular game from similarly titled brands.”

Our catch on this? The publishing house is most probably hinting towards the fame-gaining horror game DayZ which will be hitting the stores by the end of this year.

OP Productions further added that soon after registering the trademark for War Z, they came to know that a quite similar title was already registered so they had to change that.

“OP Productions initially filed The War Z trademark early last year, but soon found out from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that the name was comparable to another property.”

So after carefully pondering over the situation, the studio came to the conclusion of renaming the franchise as to eradicate any confusion growing amongst fans regarding the two games. However, publishing house assures that the players who have already bought the game will not experience any kind of hindrance what-so-ever except a changed name and a logo.

“After months of trying to resolve the issue, OP Productions decided the best option to avoid confusion among players was to rename the game. Current players will not experience any change or interruption with the exception of the change in name and game logo.”

The War Z previously released on Steam in December last year but was removed owning to some false advertisements made by the community. However, it later launched in February again.

Is it a wise move to rename the franchise because the title matches some other similar game? Do let us know in the Comment Section below!