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Kingdom Hearts III: New Details Surface, Every NPC Can Temporarily Join Your Party

Final Fantasy XV wasn’t the only game Nomura talked about with Famitsu. Speaking with the Japanese magazine, the director of both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts series revealed some details regarding the latter.

Nomura confirmed that like in previous games, Soru would travel to different Disney worlds but this time in search of the “key that returns hearts”. During his journey, Soru will meet up with many characters from Disney’s magical world and will be supported by Donald, Goofy and other party members.

The great thing about Kingdom Hearts III is that you’ll be able to hook up with every character. Your team party is not limited to the main characters of the game. Nomura said that during your quest, you’ll come across various NPCs, who can join your party temporarily. I’m guessing this means until you’ve completed that significant quest and then the NPCs goes his separate way.

Considering the new Kingdom Hearts III is inbound for the next-gen of video games, we’re hoping that the visuals this time around will be even better.

Nomura commented on this saying “We continued to explore on how should a next generation KINGDOM HEARTS should look like and we tried to make the textures to closely resemble those of Disney illustrations. From there, it was updated. From numerous attempts by Mr. Nozue, the ‘KINGDOM SHADER’ developed visuals that created those textures.”

He also mentioned that Sora learned the true power of the Keyblade in the Mark of Mystery exam and that Kingdom Hearts III will continue from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance; featuring the last and final battle with Master Xehanort.

Currently the development team is considering an online component and even more details will be shared with fans at Tokyo Game Show in October.