Final Fantasy XV: New Details Surface, PC Release Could Happen

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, now renamed to Final Fantasy XV has been given more details to go, regarding platforms, direction, battle mechanics and more.

Hajime Tabata, who also served as the director of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Type-0, is co-directing the new Final Fantasy XV. Those familiar with his work can expect the same level of detail and precision which he has shown in previous Final Fantasy titles.

The game is being developed using DirectX 11, hence porting it to the PC shouldn’t be any problem. However, the final decision still remains with Square Enix and they are yet to confirm any such news. But given the great support of the tool, there’s a strong chance of it ending up on the windows platform as well.

Interestingly Square Enix has teased about ‘considering’ other platforms such as Vita, Tablets and ‘PC’; but it will be based on fans’ demand.

In-game during battles, players will be able to switch between their three party members. So far the publisher has given us a glimpse at Noctis, Gladiolus and Prompto in battle. We still have to see Ignis in action, as well as the new character Cor Leonis; who can climb onto monsters and use combat vehicles.

Following the game’s reveal at E3 this year; executive producer Shinji Hashimoto stated that their “dishonest” days of withholding information about games in development are now over. Hence, expect reveals and updates for the new Final Fantasy XV in the days to come.