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Ragnarok Odyssey Ace – Getting Better with a Bunch of New Features

This year’s E3 was the best for me in terms of surprises it had to offer. One of the biggest being when our team told us about the 1.5 edition for Ragnarok Odyssey Ace which follows the popular Ragnarok Odyssey that released on PS Vita last year. And along with the announcement, we also have got a bunch of details for you surrounding the game.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace lets you choose your character from a wide variety of warriors that includes archers, swordsmen, mages, clerics, etc. Each of these characters have their own attributes, fighting style, skills, morphology, etc.

You are also able to customize your character in different ways that will allow you to change the facial expressions and overall appearance. Then the game takes you to a place – what kind of looks like a market where you would be able to buy new weapons for yourself, have some decent outfits and much more.

After your character is all set – you can then choose a quest of your liking and begin the game. As far as the gameplay style and combat mechanics are concerned, the game is almost exactly like Monster Hunter series and sticks to the franchise’s roots with a few new features being introduced.

Like I said, the basic combat mechanisms are pretty much identical to its predecessors meaning you can still dodge the enemy attacks, jump and perform your attacks but in this edition, you are also able to select upto 4 special abilities for your protagonist, and you can utilize these abilities anytime during a battle.

Your basic task in this game is quite simple and straight forward like most the similar games out there. Just kill enemies or collect any items in the allocated time limit, and you are good to go

Some other important highlights of this game include the presence of the tower of Yggrasil.

For those who have played Persona 4 will find its purpose somewhat like dungeon meaning that players can enter it and fight their way until they reach the highest possible level. And that will award them with different useful items and money.

The levels appearing in the tower also seem to change every time you enter it hence making the game evolving and keeping the players engage for a long period of time.

Another interesting feature that is being included in the game is to take a number of warriors with you on certain missions. They will help you throughout the level and will stick to you until the end.

This feature was also available in the previous game but that required you to have real friends instead of in-game bots. So this is a pretty good edition for those who don’t prefer online play.

Players are now able to customize their weapons along with the appearance and skills of their characters. And by customization I don’t mean in terms of looks and appearance but also in terms of overall strength of your weapon.

There is a new and improved story with a large number of features and maps, which are going to be constantly updated hence making the game more fun.

The game is also confirmed to release for Playstation 3 but other than that no other details have been provided.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is definitely on our recommendation list this year. It is must play game if you own a PS Vita. And if you don’t, there is still some hope for you as it might release on Playstation 3 sooner than later.

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