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Project Spark Could Be One of the Most Advanced Game Creation Tools

The demo of Project Spark projected at E3 by Microsoft gave a promisingly detailed gameplay when it comes to game creation. Though we have LittleBigPlanet but the game being developed by Team Dakota for the next-generation console, Xbox One is bound to take the concept to new heights.

It’s an exceptional experience that will let users build their own world to fight in. And that includes everything from mountains and rivers to towns and everything in between.

Being able to create your own city, your own characters/army and the enemies as well means that you get complete control over the type of layout you want. You want it to be a desert or a forest; you want to fight in the day or night; your wish will be the command.

In the impressive demo at E3, we saw that you can either choose to start with a blank map, building everything from scratch or pick up from a stack of readymade options and start playing right away. This is to benefit those who would are less interested in creating and more interested in playing –but then not many of us would want that.

There still will be some things that the game will do automatically like planting trees and shrubs where they should naturally be after you create a river or change the layout of the grass closer to the river from areas that are away from it. The game looks detailed and pretty fine-tuned to every aspect.

Once you are done with laying out the terrain – add rivers or trenches for barricading the enemies, create walls to hold them out or other strategically positioned natural objects; you can go on to build the people who will fight for you.

And when I say people, it doesn’t necessarily mean humans. For instance, you could create a rock and teach it to explode when the enemy draws nearer. You could create birds that will be taught to fly away when the fight begins.

Such additions will be made by creating the “brain” of each object –if you want to go into the detail of everything yourself.

You could choose between trolls, goblins and squirrels and though all starts with singular items on each side; you go a couple of hours into the game, and the whole map would have turned into a battleground.

Currently being presented as a single player, this is a “game maker” that not only tests your imagination and creativity but gives you the option to actually give yourself the exact scenarios that your minds want.