More Layoffs at EA

According to sources, another round of layoffs just hit the giant game publisher EA.

It is reported that unlike the previous rounds, the current layoffs have effected a “small number” of employees.

Speculated to have affected less than 20 employees working at the company, the recent layoffs are part of the internal company-wide restructuring drive that has been going for the past few months.

Starting around end of April 2013, the company wide “organizational  restructuring” has already cost the company more than 900 employees including the resignation of its CEO; John Riccitiello, who resigned in March after EA reported to have missed its fiscal targets indicated in its financial reports.

While it is still unclear which departments were hit in the recent cuts but a recent tweet from a game research analyst at EA reveals that as he was part of people let go, perhaps his department was the target of recent round of restructuring cuts.

It should be noted that EA is not the only company cutting jobs through organizational restructuring, a similar round of layoffs hit Square Enix as about half of the employees at IO interactive were let go in their efforts to make “significant changes” to their business strategy.