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Microsoft Dropping Xbox One Restrictive DRM Policies

Following the less than stellar approval of the Xbox One by the gaming community, Microsoft seems to have some plans to try to bring gamers back into the fold.

Since the Xbox One reveal event last month, gamers everywhere have been talking about the seemingly oppressive DRM policies that Microsoft were enforcing. The mandatory online check-in every single day was of particular importance, as if you missed even a single day then your console would lock you out of playing games. The restrictions on used games and rented games as well managed to irk many gamers.

Following Sony’s E3 presentation that boasted of their lack of DRM, we’ve been wondering what Microsoft had up their sleeve to help rouse sales. Turns out they might not have had anything up their sleeve, as they’ve just renounced their DRM policy.

The Xbox One will no longer require the once a day online check-in, meaning that you won’t lose access to your game collection just because you lost your Internet connection.

You’ll also be able to share discs around with your friends and trade them to the second-hand market, exactly as you can do now with the Xbox 360. And the cherry on top? Region locks are disabled, meaning that you can play games manufactured anywhere in the world on one console.