GameStop Hit Xbox One Preorder Cap

GameStop stores all across the United States have had to stop taking preorders for Microsoft’s upcoming flagaship console, the Xbox One. The number of available launch day consoles is exceeded by the number of people who want the console on day one. Whilst the stores can no longer take preorders, you can still place a preorder using GameStops online store.

GameStop’s senior managers have sent out word to all store managers, informing them that they can’t take any more preorders until Microsoft confirms that they can have additional stock available for launch.

Harrowing for Microsoft is the fact that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is still available for preorder, as the stock levels for their system are “considerably higher than Microsoft’s.”

Preorders for the Xbox One began at GameStop on June 10, and they’ve run out in just over a week. The situation is drawing more and more parallels to the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3, with one console being criticised for its price tag and then running out of preorders at retailers.

With the news that Microsoft is rebuffing their DRM policies, the number of preorders is bound to shoot up even further. The future may be looking brighter for Microsoft then we predicted.