DriveClub Will Give You a Taste of Racing on PS4 Before Gran Turismo 6

It’s not a simulator like Gran Turismo or Forza 5 yet not an off-road racing game with the likes of Motorstorm; the DriveClub as presented at the E3 is a road racing experience with a touch of more realistic graphics.

Of course, it cannot be compared with Gran Turismo 6 for the highly realistic graphics that give it the conformity to stand as a highly reputed simulation. However, since the Gran Turismo is being released on PS3 for now, it might be an option for Evolution Studios to cash on the racing fans who would want to own a new racing game for the PS4 as soon as it launches.

So it will not be as good in its physics and graphics as the famed simulations, but it still presented a promising at the E3 demo. You get much more realistic driving experiences than the previous franchise Motorstorm, and you apparently play in squads.

All across your course there will be numerous missions and goals like maintaining an average minimum speed on a track or getting a perfect drift through certain obstacles. All this is apart from the proper on-road races with the squad.

An added feature will allow certain levels of social interaction when all your results in the said missions will be compared with other squad members resulting in a win or loss announcement. Once you go through all the missions you get a statistics based report card with calculated percentages of achievements made, and challenges lost.

Unlike the Gran Turismo, DriveClub has an interactive environment in the sense that if you damage the railings or any object on the road, it actually shows the damage.

Barriers actually get deformed depending on the intensity of the impact. That is a feature which improves your connection with the in game situation –something that is missing in the famous simulation racing Gran Turismo.

Other than that, your rides will be highly detailed and pretty close to real cars when you look at their interiors. Now I am not saying they are as good as the simulations but that is only expected from a game that is not primarily being developed as one.

One thing though is actually better than them and that is the surroundings, i.e. the trees and other objects.

Being a launch title for PS4 might just give DriveClub the nudge forward that Evolution studios is probably aiming at in the absence of GT6. Watch out for the PS+ version along with the regular full version at its release.