Xbox One Headset Revealed, May Be Sold Separately

Microsoft has revealed a new wired headset for the Xbox One; which currently seems to be not included in the package and will be sold separately.

Recent interviews with Microsoft representatives and information provided for the pre-order packages do not tell of the headset’s availability. Gameranx also reports that it’s highly possible that consumers opting to purchase the $500 console will have to shill out extra for an ear piece.

The headset itself is said to be designed for “long gaming sessions and clear voice chat.” From a visual point of view, the piece looks very similar to what we have for the Xbox 360.

It features a unidirectional microphone, with mute and volume controls; and support for wideband digital audio.

The Xbox One launches in November this year for the hefty price of $500 which is a whole $100 more than the PlayStation 4. Microsoft’s Don Mattrick defend the price by saying they are in fact “over-delivering value” with the new console.

Xbox One Headset