World of Warplanes is to Warplanes What World of Tanks is to Tanks

Who wants a game that simply replaces tanks with warplanes while maintaining the same gameplay? Just about everyone!

The addictive gameplay of WWI and WWII based world of tanks has gathered an audience of more than 60 million easily crowning it as probably the most popular war gaming venture. Now is all set to build on their supremacy in the said genre with the introduction of warplanes.

The tale is fairly similar to that of World of Tanks; imagine the previous ground fights taken up a few stories in the air. There is one simple rule of thumb that covers up the story line for World of Tanks as well as its gameplay; destroy the enemy and claim your victory.

The same will be followed in World of Planes. It couldn’t get simpler than this; shoot down the enemy planes and do not get killed while you’re at it.

You choose between three types of rides; fighters, heavy fighters, and ground-attack planes depending on the role you want to play and go out into the open.

Based on the niche that suits you best, you either shoot down enemy planes in dogfights, chase them off and blow them up or aim for ground targets and so on. Remember the same mechanic is being followed as with the previous game.

Upon every successful hit, you get points that you can use for your benefit in upgrading or customizing your chosen fleet though the same can be done using real money through micro transactions integrated throughout the game.

The game is an online multiplayer with a maximum of 30 participants, and each team can house 15 so you could have a squadron of 15 war planes on your side, which is something that brings strategic battles into the equation. However, knowing how the usual War of Tanks gameplay unwraps, we would not give it much. This also gives you the option of rejoining an ongoing confrontation just in case you get shot down by taking up a new plane from your hangar.

In line with the War of Tanks mechanism, all the controls have been kept basic; you get to control the turn, throttle, brake, boost and shoot with your mouse + keyboard combo. It also adds a chase view feature that locks your camera on target for the time when you want to. And when you are at it, do take time to notice how impressive the battleground looks.

Looking at how well they have fashioned the previous title it would not be a surprise if Warplanes sweeps a handsome audience as well. is all set to engulf the whole war gaming scenario since they are already dominating the ground fights with World of Tanks, World of Warplanes sounds convincing as in on its way and World of Warships – covering sea battles has also been committed for. Can’t wait for the time when tanks warships and warplanes would be combined as promised by them.