EA Still Pondering About DRM on Next-Gen Consoles

After the fallout from E3, a lot of people are looking to adopt the PlayStation 4 as their next console due to the lack of DRM built into it’s hardware, unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One. However, the lack of DRM on PS4 doesn’t mean that publishers like EA can’t implement their own DRM.

A report on Wall Street Journal reveals that EA still have plans to restrict used game sales in some manner, though it isn’t completely clear what they intend to do right now.

Frank Gibeau, the president of Electronic Arts told investors last week that “EA has a position of looking at used games from a user standpoint and a gamer standpoint.”

Considering that EA recently abolished their controversial online pass program, many gamers have begun to warm to them again after a few years of being forced to pay extra for their used games. This recent news doesn’t bode well for EA though, nor does it bode well for gamers.

Whatever it is that EA have in mind to restrict used games sales, we’ll know soon as according to the report, EA have plans to reveal their new plan at some point within the coming weeks.

Theories are flying around about what EA plan to do, and what they could do, and what they could get away with without becoming instantly reviled by the entire gaming community.

The most prevalent of these theories is that either all of EA’s titles will require online authentication (Which would restrict pirated games, but have little effect on those of us who don’t pirate our games).

If they do go down this route, then it is likely that they will require that games be authenticated via their Origin service. They do already have the infrastructure in place to enact upon such a plan.