Dan Mattrick Defends the Price Tag of Xbox One

The man possibly best known for his ‘Players who don’t have an internet connection should stick with Xbox 360’ statement, Xbox head Dan Mattrick recently chose to defend the $499 price tag of the Xbox One by claiming that it offers value beyond its price.

Mattrick said in a Bloomberg interview that the $499 tag was a ‘lower number than what the analysts had forecasted’ and that they were ‘over-delivering value against other choices’.

When asked what the Xbox One offered that other devices (PS4) didn’t Mattrick mentioned Smartglass, Kinect, Skype, the NFL partnership, their exclusive titles, and a commitment to be the best.

Now, I’ve been saying since day one that the Xbox One will probably sell like hot cakes but that I’m probably going to get the PS4, and the reason for that is that several of the supposed ‘high value features’ for the Nextbox don’t work in my country. I won’t be able to watch Tv with it and smartglass just seems like a sneaky way for Microsoft to try and get me to buy more windows products. I get Skype on nearly every device I own, so my question is, what value is Microsoft ‘over-delivering’ to me?

The only thing I want from Xbox One are the games, and I’m not sure that’s worth a $500 kick in the wallet. What do you think? Is the price fair? Getting one at launch?