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The Division: Petition for PC Release Demands Your Attention

You might remember a little game called ‘The Division’ from Ubisoft’s E3 conference earlier this month. The upcoming new MMO action RPG shooter was kept from us until the last moment and then successfully injected our veins with pure awe.

However, what followed was a confirmation of the game being released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Such a beautiful game deserves its place on the PC as well, or so we thought.

Interesting to note that Ubisoft didn’t quite use the word ‘only’ so the possibility of a PC release was always there; well at least it was there in our dreams.

A petition asking The Division to be released on the PC has now surfaced and already has gathered over 50,000 signatures. What makes this petition special though is the fact that Ubisoft themselves are encouraging players to sign and spread the word. Sounds like marketing 101 to me.

I doubt Ubisoft is doing this to note the demand of a PC release. From Software did that with Dark Souls last year, and we all can recall what the result was.

Hence, this is a pure marketing gimmick and is gathering an army on the web. Relax people, Tom Clancy’s The Division will indeed release for the PC.

But just to be sure head here and sign up.