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The Crew Adds a Lot of Juice to Racing

Ubisoft unleashed two of its biggest games at the E3; while Tom Clancy’s The Division is a new tactical action RPG, The Crew aims to make a mark among the racing genre with a blast.

Fasten your seat belts for the next launch from the makers of Driver series. Blending one on one-like experience of the MMOs, The Crew will give you more than just racing heads on. Just like the name suggests, you will be a part of a team spread out in different sections of the United States e-g; Los Angeles, Miami, Aspen or New York.

Being developed by Ivory Towers and Reflections, The Crew is set in an open world that gives you nearly the whole of US map to explore with semi-realistic settings that resemble a lot to the actual cities. You will be able to travel to any part on the map that you wish for; any location in the backgrounds like the mountains or meadows will be accessible.

Open world means that you can play in one part of the map while your crew members do the same in another.

You can join them or call them if you require and according to the developers, it will take a two-hour drive from one edge of the US to the other. That is except for the countless side quests that you may come across during your voyage though.

Totally customizable, you will be creating your own crew of illegal street racers, choose the racing style you want to maintain and customize your car accordingly.

Customization will not be just another thing anymore; your career will depend upon the choices you make. Thus, The Crew allows you to pick your choice for even the tiniest parts of your car, which is impressive to say the least.

Once done with the crew preparation and the car; it’s a paddle to the metal gameplay.

The faster you drive the more you win – deeply aided by the controls that are typical of a driving game hence easy to maneuver. Though head to head races make for an important part of the game, there will also be side missions. With each one of them helping you gain street credibility; you will be assigned tasks like escaping the cops or taking down other cars.

Often the solo running game will be turned into an open world mission when other teams playing would ask you to join hands in a specific mission –all without any load screens or touchbacks to the lobby.

The next gen technology gives it a lookout that makes you stop and stare for a while. Contrary to other simulation racing games that focus more on the technical joy of racing, The Crew will give you seamless and gorgeous atmospheres to interact with.

Not had enough yet? How about customizing your car’s paint or assigning new tasks to your crew while you are unable to get a hold of your console? The tablet integration makes all that possible, so that you don’t miss out on the fun even for a while. Even when you are playing, your tablet can aid with map screens and on the go customizations.

This is far more entertaining than Driver and could be more exciting for players who want more out of their game than just a realistic experience of racing like in Forza 5. The Crew will be on shelves in the first quarter of 2014 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.