Still Hope for Minecraft Xbox 360 to Xbox One Save Transfers

Quite a few people are up in arms about the recent news that they might not allow Minecraft save transfers between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One after some comments from Microsoft Studios head honcho Phil Spencer. However, a few new tweets have just surfaced telling people to hold their horses, as they are still discussing the issue with 4JStudios.

Previously, Spencer had said that it would not be possible, as the game would be a “New product on Xbox One”. Apparently, since there are a numerous number of updates in the new version, which result in bigger and more complex worlds that ultimately are not translatable between the two consoles.

4J Studios, the developer that works on the console version of the game, has confirmed that the Xbox 360 edition will continue to be updated after the Xbox One version is released.

Not having this save transfer feature might really hurt sales. New beginnings are great and all, but starting over just as you’re about to finish that giant diamond fortress of solitude you’ve been working on for the past year really bites.

Source: Phil Spencer Twitter