Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode Feature Revealed

Battlefield 4 HD
Hold on to your pants folks, because DICE have just released a gameplay video that showcases a feature that has been often requested of them since the launch of Battlefield 3; Spectator Mode.

Spectator mode in Battlefield 4 will allow you to witness a multiplayer match being played by another player in either first person or third-person perspective. The match can also be viewed in other ways, such as through the tabletop view and the free cam mode.

You can choose a particular player in the match and follow his actions in real time, or you can use free cam mode and fly around the battlefield watching the warzone tear itself apart. Tabletop view was also showcased and looks really interesting.

What it does is that it shows you an overview of the battle from a top-down perspective, similar to the mini map.

This may help in making Battlefield into a more eSports friendly franchise and should also help out film makers who like to make Machinima and instructional videos. There is a UI that can be toggled on or off that shows several details about the player you are following such as weapons, kill, ammunition, etc.

I wonder if this may cause some problems with regards to cheating, as if it’s real time gameplay then it’s possible to have a friend spectate the game and feed you tactical information about the enemy team.

What do you think? Liking the new spectator mode?