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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Features Overview – Weapons and Classes

Following its multiplayer reveal at E3 this month, Battlefield 4 is now on the lips of every first-person shooter maniac who loves nothing better than to fly a plane right into a skyscraper and see it crumble down on the enemy tanks below.

DICE may have been planning on releasing information on the multiplayer slowly but surely. Bad news for them, most of it has seemingly found its way on the web. Some of it thanks to hands-on demos presented to E3 attendees.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

Here’s a collection of all the interesting tid bits for the game’s defining multiplayer.

Weapons and Classes

Weapon camouflage is confirmed and will unlock as you play on. Similar to what we have seen with the Call of Duty franchise, DICE will in the future bring new camouflages as well in the form of DLC and add-on bonus packs.

One other thing which I actually found to be a very good addition is the change to the reloading function. In Battlefield 4 players lose the remaining ammo in a clip when they opt to reload their weapon.

Regarding the classes themselves; here’s what we know so far. It’s few but hey it’s better than nothing.

Assault Class
Uses Assault Rifles

  • Medic Bag – Once deployed provides health to surrounding players.
  • First Aid Pack – Are given individually to players and it regenerates their health.
  • Defibrillators

Recon Class
Uses Sniper Rifles

  • C4 – Can be thrown or attached to surfaces.
  • Motion Sensors – Can be lobbed at decent range.
  • Scope Zeroing – Upgrade for multiple zoom levels in a single scope.

Uses Light Machine Guns

  • Ammo Bags – Once deployed provides ammo to surrounding players.
  • Ammo Packs – Are given individually to players.
  • Grenade Launchers – Players need to aim above the target to compensate for gravity.

Uses Personal Defense Weapons

  • AT Mine
  • Repair Torch
  • RPG
  • Stinger

Some features confirmed universally for all classes include the following:

  • Weapons specific to factions will make an appearance.
  • The different kinds of grenades include Flashbang, Incendiary and HE.
  • Over 1200 items that can be unlocked via 300 “Battlepacks”, which can be earned or bought.
  • All classes have access to their primary weapon class, carbines, designated marksman rifles, and shotguns
  • Pistols can be customized
  • The fourth installment will feature even more attachments and customizations to your weapons, including laser sights, foregrips, barrel types, bipods, silencer, flashlights.
  • Attachment System:
    • Optics: Various sights
    • Barrel: Muzzle brake, etc.
    • Accessory: Canted iron sights, laser pointer, green laser pointer (only shows up to enemy if directly in their eyes)
    • Underbarrel: angled grip (lower initial recoil), vertical grip

Various Other Features

DICE has incorporated some new features in Battlefield 4, as well as tweaking or improving the existing game mechanics being ported over from Battlefield 3.

  • This time around climbing a ladder is going to be faster.
  • The UI is much friendlier and lighter compared to the one we had in Battlefield 3.
  • It will take some time before players can reach full sprint speed.
  • Proprietary matchmaking system instead of system matchmaking.
  • Server administrators will have access to do partial modding and small server-side modications.
  • Players can spot multiple enemies at a time and will use hand gestures to indicate commands.
  • Grenades now have smoke trails, which may look impressive but requires tremendous juice from your rig.
  • Knife attacks can be countered by pressing button when prompted.

The main change though which everyone and specifically Battlefield veterans would be interested in knowing is that Suppression has returned to the series. Though, it’s only effective with certain types of weapons.

The suppression effect is relative to where the bullets are landing. Closer to the enemy, higher the suppression rate. For example, a sniper bullet or a spray from a LMG going above your head will instantly suppress you. This ultimately makes the Support class the most effective in keeping enemy infantry pinned to the ground.

Lastly, the environments of each map are just on another level. DICE wasn’t kidding when they said they’re making sure each environment is a different setting and provides a different experience.

Metal detectors in stores can ring the alarms, alerting the enemy team of your position. Fire extinguishers on the walls are not just for show and actually create a smoke screen when fired at.

Bollards can prevent vehicle access in the case of alarms blaring, storefront gates can come crashing down trapping players inside. Of course, you can always then blow a hole in the wall to escape.