Murdered: Soul Suspect – A Touch of Excellence to the Departing Console Generation

A Crime Scene Investigation led by the dead surely has a touch of inventiveness to it. Square Enix is coming up with a storyline based on a murder case-related action adventure in shape of Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Though many of the large franchises are being developed to target the next generation of consoles, it might just be one of the few highly anticipated game that is being developed for PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360.

The game will be a single player with a police detective Ronan O’ Connor the protagonist being murdered in the first scene of the game. He doesn’t know who did it; neither does he know in the first instance that he is actually dead. Not until he notices the silvery holes he got when seven bullets pierced through his body. So he is now a ghost with a mission – how cheesy is that!

Trapped between here and the afterlife in the city of Salem you go through one scene into the next each packed with missions involving an element of investigation. Usually the investigations will try to unravel the story of O’ Connor’s own death but there will be side-quests that add to your Experience.

It is indeed a ghost story, but the game tries to put some sense into how things work. For instance, contrary to the common belief, you won’t have the whole world as a free zone.

You could be barred out of quite a few buildings due to consecrations and as a part of the regular gameplay, you will be trying to find unsecured openings.

The buildings being secured against supernatural entities also nudge towards the existence of other ghostly and demonic characters as well as their foes who want them out. Ghosts in need of help will be scattered through your map so will be Demons – the ghost hunters who could end it for you there and then.

The game doesn’t involve killing; mostly, the lead character will be able to possess others in order to get the information out of them and once done with that, it will carry on its own mission. You could do the same to demons too; possess them and drive them away.

The streets, buildings and the vile demons might look similar to other action-adventure games but the whole compilation is a totally new experience, excellent use of technology that has a catch to it.

Although the release date of 2014 might propagate otherwise, but it is definitely not just a last minute sequel; it is a game worth keeping a Xbox 360 for – or a PS3 if you prefer.