Xbox One Owners Can Share Games with Non-Family Members

If you missed out on another one of Microsoft’s vague statements, the Xbox One will enable owners to share their game library with only 10 family members.

So how exactly is the Xbox One going to verify that I’m sharing my games with my own family members? Does the new Kinect come with facial recognition, voice perhaps?

While we’re still expecting Microsoft to clarify the above statement, Phil Spencer said in a recent interview that players will also be able to share their games with people ‘outside’ their household. Once again, how does the Xbox One know who I’m sharing my game with? How do I tell it that I’m sharing my game with my cousin, not the girl next-door?

Speaking with Penny Arcade, Spencer said, “I think the policy makes sense.

“It’s not ten different people all playing the game concurrently, but when you think about a real usage scenario, and we thought about it around a family, and I know certain people will create a family group of people that aren’t all part of the same family. And I do think that’s an advantage, and people will use that.

“I saw it on NeoGAF instantly, the Xbox Family creation threads, where people said ‘Hey be a part of my family’. No birth certificates will need to be sent in. I do think that’s an advantage of the ecosystem that we have.”

Spencer also stated that while each family member will have their own Xbox One accounts, they can still share their files between two people of the same ‘family’.

Here’s hoping the consumers are clarified of all ambiguities before the console’s launch later this year.