The Evil Within – A Perfect Blend of Horror and Action

Shinji Mikami – does the name ring a bell? I’ll be damned if it doesn’t.

Well, in case you don’t know Shinji Mikami is the man behind the popular horror franchises such as Resident Evil – until 4 – Devil May Cry, Vanquish, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, etc. This man brought the horror franchise to a whole new level by helping this genre of the gaming gain a larger audience.

It’s been a very long time since Mikami’s last project, and fans are getting desperate to catch any news related to his new project known as The Evil Within currently in-development by Bethesda Softworks. Although the details surrounding the game are rare at the moment, the director of the game has promised that the experience will deliver a perfect blend of horror & action. And so manyeager gamers around the globe are rooting for it.

The announcement trailer of the game provided no information what-so-ever regarding the story & the mutated human beings that it featured. However, a recent demo of the game at this year’s E3 provided us with all the answers that needed answering along with Mikami’s vision about this game.

Although the demo that we saw did not provide us with any comprehensive information regarding the main storyline of the game, we do know that the story’s lead protagonist – Detective Sebastian – along with his try hard team of detectives pay a visit to a psychiatric hospital that turn out to be quite bloody.

It begins with Sebastian and his team arriving at the hospital and with Sebastian getting caught, getting ripped of all the weapons he had and left at the mercy of a butcher. Now, Sebastian must utilize all the stealthy tactic he knows to escape from the area and join the team.

Remaining stealthy at all points is the key to survival in this game because if you’re caught you are a dead man. The demo also showcased the injuries Sebastian got while escaping from the area and interacting with the environment objects such as glasses and water bottles to distract his followers. Far Cry 3 anyone?

The demo then gave a glimpse at the combat system of the game where Sebastian plants proximity mines & other tactics to trap the mutated ones pursuing him.

Enemies were clearly almost impossible to kill– from what we saw – taking a hell lot of bullets before dying. This made us think about the scarce ammunition availability just like we had in Resident Evil franchise.

We also know that Mikami has regarded ‘survival’ as an integral part in this game. So we can’t help to think that the ammunition is definitely going to be rare in this one.

Mikami also announced that The Evil Within will play with Sebastian’s mind or yours indirectly. He would see things that are actually not there like a flood of blood in a corridor or the whole earth crumbled under his feet or a door getting out of your reach as you advance towards it.

We are definitely rooting for this one and believe that it will take horror genre to glory once again. We can’t wait for get our hands on the next-gen realism of the horror genre.

The Evil Within is currently in-development for all home consoles including current –gen and next-gen along with Microsoft Windows. The game features some smooth animations, CGI sequences, amazing lightening effects and a seamless horror experience. This is definitely a title worth playing on next-gen consoles and current-gen consoles as it will undoubtedly push Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to their limits.

The Evil Within is expected to launch somewhere in 2014 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

Will Shinji Mikami be able to live up to his name with this forthcoming project? Do let us know in the Comment Section below!