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Dead Rising 3 Improves Crafting and Introduces Safe Houses

As unveiled at the E3 conference, Dead Rising 3 is promising a slightly less comical more sinister layout. It is multimillion dollar franchise by Capcom Vancouver that has been overly popular among RPG lovers.

The main character has been changed and the new entrant Nick Ramos is a mechanic who resides in the zombie apocalypse affected city of Los Perdidos. Set in the typical survival horror genre, every instance brings encounters –mostly of an unwelcome sort.

Once a cartoony looking game, it will now give out vibes of danger and seriousness as depicted by the official trailer relayed at E3 by Microsoft. Slightly grim toned streets and impeding crowds of baleful zombies will set the culture. However, game will still have fleeting chances of comparison to the older outlook wherein you could dress up the protagonist in something like a shark suit or a Chinese dragon head.

There will be missions intertwined with the storyline as well as side-quests though the time binding gameplay has been scratched. This would have come in as a disappointment to most of the returning fans for they prefer the ticking clock, but thanks to the Nightmare Mode their interests will remain intact.

The major edge that Dead Rising has had over other RPGs is the element of crafting. Starting off with nearly harmless weapons like logs and knives the players can improve on their ammo by actually creating them out of individual items you pick up en route.

For instance, you could make yourself a Sledge Saw – sledge hammer fixed with a circular saw or a fancy Flaming Sword with the help of a sword and motor oil. Crafting the battery weapons would require the help of blueprints that you will have to fetch otherwise the tool would only be useful on their own.

A newly introduced feature of Safe Houses will now let you store all the weapons you make where they will be reproducible even if you lose them somewhere in a scuffle. Following specific markings on the streets will lead you to these secured locations where you could redress Nick as well as hide other useful items.

Getting a new outfit is not the only thing that Nick has in store; Prestige Points still exist that can be spent on various categories like life, inventory, agility and smarts. The points earned as a reward for specific tasks and killing zombies also unlocks special abilities on reaching particular thresholds.

Smart glass will also play its part in making things more exciting like calling in an air strike or creating distractions for the zombies and a live map that will guide you towards way outs in a tricky situation.

Along with being a slightly creepier version of Dead Rising, the map is extravagantly huge – almost double than the previous one and there are a lot more zombies! In the trailer at the E3, you could count hundreds of them flogging the main highway between one of the districts; pointing towards the potential of cars as a useful tool. And buildings and underground tunnels would also play an important role in commuting.

I expect a change for the better in the upcoming version, fingers crossed for a thrill filled experience. Apart from being a Xbox One exclusive we don’t know much about the release information –there’s a lot more to come on this venture!