Company of Heroes 2: Single-Player E3 Demo Available on Steam

If you followed this year’s E3 and specifically Sega’s conference then you’d have seen the on-stage demo showcased for Company of Heroes 2. That demo has now been released by the publisher for everyone and can be downloaded through Steam.

The demo is just a small portion of a mission called ‘The Land Bridge to Leningrad’ which comes somewhere in the middle of the game’s main single-player campaign.

Players in the demo are tasked with crossing a frozen lake with their platoon, while the Germans take the opportunity to rain fire down in hopes of annihilation.

Company of Heroes 2 is currently in open beta on Steam. The game features access to only the multiplayer portion of the game but Sega has now added the E3 single-player demo as well.

Those who already are playing the beta would have noticed the Campaign button glow up on the title screen. Those who have yet to touch the beta, should head over to the Steam page of the game and download the beta.

Company of Heroes 2 will release for the PC on June 25th.