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You Should Definitely Try World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

The response is a big yes when you get one of the dominating free to play PC games on a console. At E3, Microsoft showcased World of Tanks for Xbox 360, a free to play online tank busting game with over 60 million worldwide user base.

Being developed by Wargaming Chicago, it is now set to be launched for Xbox 360 later this year.

The storyline is as simple as it gets; you get your ammo ready in your tank to destroy enemies and dominate areas on the map. Starting off with the American, German and British army tanks initially, it is expected to create indulging tactical battles. It will allow as much as 30 players to play together divided into two factions fighting against each other.

Strategizing would include teamwork with your allies in planning an attack – should it be a head to head combat or take the back route and catch your enemies off guard? while the rest befuddle on the front. No matter how simple the gameplay looks, going out solo would require either a great deal of skill, daring or a lot of retries.

The chief weapon would be single cannon, but you get a lot of choices when it comes to your ride; based on the real models from the WWII era the tanks simply look lifelike. The choice depends on your fighting style as you could choose a fast yet vulnerable tank for a quick action or the slow but potent one so that you are resilient enough.

Once you choose your tank you can use the points you earn through skirmishes to upgrade them or to get another tank so that you can ride it in case you were too bad at saving the first one. Bonus points from the battles your team wins also help in the same.

World of Tanks is inherently a limited scope game so that won’t change even when it is ported to Xbox 360. However, the controllers fit perfectly into the gameplay making it a faster and simplistic experience. The overall experience is a good one!

Regardless of the lack of vastness, it is still one the most popular free to play games of PC – if you own a Xbox 360, you would definitely end up giving it a try.