Expect More DLC and Microtransactions From EA

EA is planning on shifting their main focus from pre-order content to providing even more DLC and in-game microtransactions.

During an investor meeting at E3, Peter Moor from EA explained that the publisher now plans to make even more money.

We’re aggressively getting out of the pre-order business. We’re looking at the customer more from an [Average Revenue Per User] perspective than a $60 perspective. We see a great opportunity to get $80 or $90 from that customer, but up-front it’s just $60.

EA is already marked by the community as a company which purposely splits a complete game into two parts: the launching title and the following DLC remainder. With this new announcement EA is looking to provide even more DLC than ever; plus the usual in-game cosmetics, boosts and etc in the form of microtransactions.

“Extra Content” can very well be the new moto for EA.

Source. PlayStation Lifestyle