Fez 2 Announced

During the Horizon Indie Game Conference that was hosted at E3 2013, Polytron officially unveiled the sequel to their smash-hit indie title, Fez.

The newly announced Fez 2 was met with warm applause, which is to be expected after the huge success of Phil Fish’s first game, and many fans of the original are already looking forward to the sequel.

Whilst no specific details were released, a short teaser trailer was released shortly afterwards on the Polytron website to get fans excited over this new announcement.

The original title, Fez, was repeatedly delayed whilst Phil Fish worked on it. It was originally announced back in 2007 via online sources, and was demonstrated for the first time at the Independent Games Festival in 2008. However the game took a long time to finish development and wasn’t released to the public until 2012.

Some fans have already expressed some concern over how long the development cycle of Fez 2 might take, considering the lengthy amount of time it took for the first game to finish development and be published.

Phil Fish himself showed us a lot of the story behind Fez‘ development in Indie Game: The Movie, where it was a feature of the documentary.

The 2D platforming, combined with the world changing 3D perspective that made up the gameplay of Fez was an instant hit with fans of variuos different genres.

It sold very well on Xbox Live, with over 200,000 sales there alone as of April 2013, and even more sales across other platforms later. It was released on Steam more than a year after it debuted on Xbox Live, where it was received quite well by the PC gaming community.

Talks of Linux, Mac OSX and PSN/PS Vita versions have been mentioned, but no dates have been confirmed for those or any other potential platforms.