Fantasy MMO RIFT Goes Free-to-Play

Surfing the planes of Telara has never been this easy. As of today, RIFT will be fully downloadable and playable for free, states Trion Worlds who are both the developers and publishers of the massively multiplayer role playing game.

The Fantasy based game is set in the medieval times where you take up the role of super humans called Ascended to fight against alliances of Dragon deities that threaten your hometown Telara.

This time around all the levels of the game included in all the dungeons and raids will be free of cost. Though real money will b involved to the extent of XP boosts and faction changes etc but a lot of the content will be free and attainable through Credits that can be earned through trade.

Other than that real money will be involved in the usual subscriptions that will allow you bonus XPs and other Patron Perks – the longer you retain your subscription the better the rewards. But the publishers still insist that the best parts must be earned and not bought.

That being said, Trion Worlds have kept their word and the actual game play is now free of cost so is the complete download. The creative director boasts of clear differences between RIFT and other MMOs especially in lieu of lack of restrictions on content.

Along with that news, we also get a new patch, the Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault that brings three new raids to the game along with a 1 to 2 player compatible Chronicle named Queen’s Gambit.