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Dota 2 – Nexon in E3 Announces $1.7million Overall Prizes for Leagues

In an unexpected announcement in the E3 venue in Seattle, Nexon Korea has announced that they will be investing $1.7 million USD in prizes to go with their Dota 2 launch.

South Korean players always had a huge impact on competitive gaming, most notably for their overwhelming world dominance in Starcraft and with this announcement, Dota 2 is definitely going to have the attention of these and also other new gamers.

Translated statement from Erik Johnson, Dota 2 Project lead:
Dota 2 is a phenomenal game with elements of strategy and competition that has already garnered much fame in North America, Europe and China. With the help of Nexon and its experience in the Korean market we hope to have great success.

In case you can read Hangul, you can find all the information in extension here.

The translated highlights of this press conference are the following:

  • Global Service (No Server Limitation / Keeping Steam Account,Items,Stats)
  • Korean Amateur/Pro Leagues with overall 2,000,000,000KSW(1.7 Million USD) Prize Money in 2013
  • The First Official League ‘Nexon Starter League’ Coming Soon (application at, June 13~23)
  • All lines, Voices will be dubbed in Korean (You can watch a short and very fun preview video of their hard work
  • Various functions using Web Screen (SNS, Videos, Finding Party Members…)
  • No different fee policy in Korea
  • No server problems like the ones encountered in League of Legends in Korea
  • One Account through Nexon Dota2 – Steam Dota2
  • Korean Styled Hero skins (I personally hope the rest of the world can get access to these!)
  • This is very huge step for the game and e-sports in general. What are your thoughts on it?