Watch Dogs Incorporates Multiplayer Right Into the Single-Player Campaign

Ubisoft has revealed how the multiplayer component of Watch Dogs will work. The next-gen title will incorporate the online aspect right into the single-player campaign; something which I’m finding really impressive and fun.

The basic concept involves players attempting to plant viruses on the phones of other players who are roaming around in their single-player game. As soon as you start hacking a player’s phone, the one being hacked will see a percentage bar appear on this screen; signifying the completion process.

This will trigger a bonus online mission where the hacked player must track down the culprit quickly before the virus is successfully planted. Players can then decide to either track down or kill the target in order to complete the mission.

Both parties will see themselves as the protagonist Aiden Pierce, while the other player will appear simply as just another in-game NPC. Hence, you’ll require to master blending yourself with the environment. Ubisoft suggests you to think Assassin’s Creed and be one with your surroundings.

Watch Dogs multiplayer takes a note right out from Dark Souls as well, enabling players to either grief or assist other players as they come in contact while roaming the open-world.

The developer, however, revealed that currently they have not found a proper reward scheme for successful hackers. The hackers though will gain points in being notorious and depending on the amount of attempt virus planting, they’ll eventually become easier targets for others.

Watch Dogs will be released on November 19 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U. A next-gen release for the PS4 and Xbox One will happen later.