“The Retail Market is Really Important” for the Xbox One – Microsoft

Like others Microsoft has also lately been highlighting the digital aspect of games. During their E3 conference the company did well enough to remind consumers how the digital world is going to change with the Xbox One.

Their confirmation of all Xbox One titles being available digitally from day-one and of course their controversial policies regarding used-games may have led people to believe that the next-gen era is slowly going to abandon the traditional disc-based market.

Speaking with GameSpot, Microsoft Game Studios executive Phil Spencer reminded everyone the the retail market remains a “really important” one for their new console and will prove to be a major component of Microsoft’s business strategy going forward.

“The retail market is really important to us,” Spencer said. “Obviously, we sell consoles, we sell controllers, we sell physical devices, and we sell games. And retailers have been great partners for all us; for gamers as well. They’re great places to go; talk to sales people about what they’re playing. And we want to foster that environment and having a strong retail console business is really important to us.”

Spencer also added that policy building right now will have to satisfy the many different parties involved – the gamers, retailers, publishers and Microsoft itself. This step is an important one for the Xbox One to move forward.

“Building a policy and a plan that weighs the different interests and really landing on something that we think forward-looking will value the gamer and the creator and put them at the forefront [to] support a healthy retail ecosystem is vital,” Spencer said.

The Xbox One has been confirmed for launch this November for a hefty price of $500. Owners will be required to check in with the Internet once every 24 hours and publishers will be given the freedom to put on restrictions on the sale of their used-games.

Source: GameSpot