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Killer Instinct for Xbox One Not Being Developed By Rare

The classic arcade fighting game of the 90’s is in the process of a reboot with an Xbox One version. But the original developers of Killer Instinct; Rare are not behind the wheels this time. Double Helix has taken the responsibility of bringing it to the next generation.– IGN; Sabrewulf and Jago have been confirmed as the main playable characters so far with Jago being a free-to-play character!

Though the game itself will be a free to play download only, all other characters except for Jago will have to be paid for prices not conveyed yet.

It’s going to be a swift, sped up game set in bright contrasting colors with quick flowing combos. With the introduction of Ultra Combos, more severe attacks and the ‘Combo Breaker’, we are expecting notable improvements.

The California based developers Double Helix Games have not shown their expertise in the genre of fighting games so this might be a test for them. Not to forget that some of their recent entries like Silent Hill have not left a great impression on fans.

Killer Instinct is up for a November release as an Xbox One launch game.