EA Confirms Dedicated Servers for Titanfall on All Platforms

In a recent announcement made by Electronic Arts’ Craig Owen, it is confirmed that the forthcoming game; Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment will feature dedicated servers on all platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

He announced this at the company’s press conference at E3 this year.

To put it into Owen’s words, “We’re using Microsoft’s cloud compute initiative to run all our servers for it, so it’s all running on dedicated servers. We’ll spin up and spin down servers as necessary, and it’ll do all the AI hosting and physics calculations and all matchmaking and all of that good stuff. It’s all dedicated servers, all the time.”

All the rumors surrounding the game has been put to rest and Titanfall is finally official. The gameplay footage we saw was fascinating enough to blow away millions of gamers around the globe.

And with all the news regarding the multiplayer aspects of the game including the addition of dedicated servers, we believe the game does stand a chance to compete with the giants in the industry like Battlefield & Call of Duty.

However, it’s too early to assume anything. We’re holding our ground for any news about Titanfall that comes our way. Till then, keep the excitement exalted.