Dead Rising 3 Introduces the Nightmare Mode

Yesterday Microsoft relayed the sinister looking Dead Rising 3 at their E3 press conference amidst creditable anticipation. It’s an open-world zombie showdown and is being regarded as one of the more exciting entrants of the gaming expo.

The gameplay is reported to be less time focused, something that will let the users explore a bit more unlike previous versions when everything was an adrenaline rush. There will be auto saves too.  This also means that there will be slack in the toughness of the game – not one that could make it a walk in the park but it will definitely allow first time fans to get into the game easily.

Now that the traditional sadistic, foreboding experience has been slackened a bit, Capcom is not ready to disappoint returning players who played for the challenge. A new Nightmare mode is being introduced into the game.

Vaguely similar to the toughest levels any survival horror would provide it gives you a chance to test your juices. There will be no auto saves meaning you will have to find save points like in the previous installments – and the clock keeps ticking!

The Kinect features of the game will present a cheesy experience with zombies being able to direct their attention to your player if you yell at them from across you TV screen. That doesn’t mean they will be able to comprehend what you said nor does it mean you will need to be dumbfounded throughout the game – it will be sensible and you will be allowed to turn it off.

Additionally, passing the Smartglass exclusive missions will unlock features for you with the likes of calling in air strikes, flares to distract the zombies or drone support. Smart glass could lead to greater possibilities with your friends aiding you to locate stashed away weapons, abandoned warehouses and stores.

Sadly for some, the game is being released as an Xbox exclusive. Another hit by Capcom, Dragon’s Dogma was also not released to PC; people might want Capcom to keep other consoles in mind when boarding multimillion dollar ventures like Dead Rising 3.

The game hits the racks in November this year.