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Dark Souls 2 Fans in for a Tough Game – Namco Bandai Assures

Sequel to the masochistic haven by Namco Bandai; the upcoming Dark Souls 2 is going to match the user expectations when it comes to difficulty and decipherability. Slotted for release in March next year, Dark Souls 2 is one of the eagerly awaited games.

It has been reported by Venturebeat that contrary to the statements previously made by the new director Tomohiro Shibuya, the action RPG will retain its toughness and cryptic obscurity.

Tomohiro has gestured towards a more accessible and less subtle and comparatively straightforward sequel to Dark Souls in an interview few months back – something that lead many of the fans to worry. A handsome number of the players – nearly all of them, love the Dark Souls franchise for the aura of looming fear that it has and how the difficulty level of the game assists it.

Not wanting to let the interest of as much as 2.3 million users (that’s how many copies Dark Souls has sold) fade away; the director of strategic and digital marketing at Namco Bandai, Brian Hong has tried to reassure all the concerned fans at the E3.

Far from the invincible or easy modes of gameplay Dark Souls 2 is expected to be viciously hard. As relayed at the game’s demo at E3 it will be quite tough to get through each mission and you might have to try more than a few times.

And just as the game’s tagline is “prepare to die” we expect there will be a lot of unavoidable situations that will talk more of dying than staying alive. We expect an equally ruthless and soul-destroying product as its predecessor.

The game’s central character will be the same as Dark Soul though there will be other characters like the Sorcerer or Dual Swordsman, more information on the gameplay is awaited.