Xbox One Not Coming to Asia Until Late 2014

Blows keep coming even after the showdown has ended at the E3. According to a telephonic interview with Wall Street Journal, Alan Bowman has revealed that Xbox One won’t be hitting the Asian market till late 2014.

Previously, the prices that were revealed at E3 for both PS4 and Xbox One have certainly served a blow to Microsoft’s expectations as their $499 price tag was beaten by a considerable margin.

Not to forget that Sony is a Japan based company that has so far lead the race in the Asian perimeter – Xbox lags behind PS and Nintendo both. Sony has always matched its console release dates for America and Asia which means that Asian gamers might get PS4 a year ahead of Xbox One’s arrival.

Both the PS4 and Xbox are expected to be released in America near November this year.

Alan Bowman, Microsoft’s Regional Sales VP further revealed that the 2014 release will aim at Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and South Korea meaning that a certain faction will still be left out.

Adding hope to the situation, he believes that Microsoft will be updating the console for Asia specific needs with things like improved Kinect technology for smaller living rooms.

Though Microsoft has plans to continue promotion of Xbox 350 and Xbox One in Asia by offering better games and more, it still has a long way to go in this market.