Ubisoft E3 2013 Roundup: Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV, South Park and More

Another year, another Ubisoft conference featuring a celebrity. This time, it was a returning Aisha Tyler with her “Girlwood”. While in 2012 Ubisoft managed to steal the show with the reveal of Watchdogs, this year the conference seemed a little more predictable with very few surprises to make it worth the while.

Not learning from their past mistakes, Ubisoft started this year’s E3 with a celebrity to explain a reveal of a game. The 2013 version of Flo Rida was the Alice in Chains’ front-man; Jerry Cantrell. Jerry tried to show off the best he could the new strumming mechanics of Rocksmith 2014, a game that is supposed to teach real life guitar play.

Moving on from that show piece, Ubisoft showed off couple of game through CG trailers, these included Splinter Cell: Blacklist reveal to be releasing on 20th August of this year, followed by Rayman Legends coming on 3rd September, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, which featured almost the same trailer as the one shown nine month in the past as well as a short trailer for the returning South Park: The Stick of Truth which was finally confirmed to get released this holiday season.

Following those series of trailers the conference moved towards games catering the Next Generation systems like Xbox One and PS4.

Starting with the reveal of The Crew, a brand new racing game that features an open world driving experience with seemless transitions between singleplayer and multiplayer coop gameplay without any need for lobbies. The game promises to feature cities from across the whole USA and unprecedented level of car customization.

The presentation then moved on to a trailer for Watchdogs, unfortunately it was the same trailer that had the dubious honor of getting leaked online in the days prior to E3.

After the trailer, Ubisoft announced an interactive Rabbids Invasion show that is set to premier on Nickelodeon, however the method of interaction was not revealed and the announcement left more questions than answers for the debuting project of theirs.

Following that announcement, the company moved on to reveal Just Dance 2014, which aims to offer 6 player mutiplayer experience and is set to release on 6th October.

Next the team showed off a trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and then a trailer for two Trials games; Trials Fusion and a mobile game called Trials Frontier, both of which are revealed to have some level of interactivity between the two.

Finally, ending the press conference was a return to previous year’s precedence for big reveal culminating in the announcement of a new title in the Tom Clancy series of games. Tom Clancy’s: The Division is an open-world multiplayer RPG set in a dark and gritty post apocalyptic future where people have been ravaged by a virus and a group of select few, known as the Division, are tasked with surviving the harsh realities of a world without infrastructure.

Although the Division looked quite impressive in its gameplay demo, there was a sense of disappointment as the new game could not accomplish the task of match the wow factor of the debut of Watchdogs. On the other hand some people, who were expecting an announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2, were also left without hope for the revival of the beloved cult classic game.

While the presentation featured several genres, new and old IPs as well as games for current and next-gen systems, there was one thing that was a constant in Ubisoft’s presentation, and that was its reliance on pre-rendered CG trailers.

Almost every showing was devoid of any gameplay footage for any of the games barring the Trial games and big reveal at the end. However, the presentation featured a decent mix of old titles and new announcements and offered enough new information to maintain interest in the company’s future outings.