Tom Clancy’s The Division Revealed, Online RPG

At E3 last year Ubisoft revealed a brand new IP at the end of their show that surprised everyone watching. This year, Ubisoft once again managed to keep an IP on the downlow so that they could astound the audience once more with an amazing reveal.

To end their press conference, Ubisoft introduced¬†Tom Clancy’s The Division¬†from Ubisoft Massive with a full trailer and a lot of gameplay.

The live demo showed up some fantastic gameplay. A pandemic has swept the city and society is collapsing into anarchy. The team navigated through the trashed city streets, trying to circumvent crazed civilians. You can watch the Breakdown trailer above.

The gameplay itself featured an additional player using a tablet that was represented as a scout drone in-game. The player on the tablet could get a birds eye view and mark targets, whilst keeping in touch with the players on the ground via voice chat.