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The Last Guardian is Still in Development – Sony

One would think this year’s E3 was important enough to see the announcement of The Last Guardian from Sony. The company though is still not ready to talk about the game, confirming only that the title is not scrapped and is ‘still’ in development.

Speaking with GameSpot; Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios said that they would talk about the game “when we are ready to do so.”

The Last Guardian was first announced during E3 back in 2009. You’d think four years would be enough to get them ready and at least reveal some details.

When asked for a tentative release date or a time frame, Yoshida only confirmed the game to be “still in development.”

Yoshida’s statements regarding the game are not something new. The same words have been recycled over the years, with Sony’s senior vice president of product development Scott Rohde saying during E3 2012 that the game would ship “when it is absolutely ready.”

It’s a big let down to say the least. Sony was expected to bring its big guns to the show floor, and it was highly speculated that we’d see the title in action.

Source: GameSpot