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Sounds Like PlayStation Plus Will Be Mandatory

During their E3 press conference, Sony stole a huge portion of the audience with the announcement that there would be no DRM on their console and the launch price would be a hell of a lot cheaper than the Xbox One. Well, there was one thing that they mentioned that slipped a lot of people by, and it was kind of bad news.

PlayStation Plus is going to be a mandatory requirement in order to play online using your PlayStation 4, which is different to the current model utilised by the PS3.

Currently, PS Plus only offers some extra bonuses for paying, such as the Instant Game Collection and a couple of other services. Now you’ll need it if you want to play online at all. It still comes with all the bonuses though, and a few more. All for just $5 a month, which is pretty reasonable.

This move mimics Microsoft’s Xbox Live, with the enforced payment system if you want to do anything interesting online.

Whilst some users are irked by this change to the business model, it isn’t expected to be a major problem for the overall life of the PlayStation 4.