Pokemon X & Y – Release Date and New Fairy Type Confirmed

When Pokémon X & Y were revealed to the world back in February and fans worldwide have been impatiently waiting for more details and the eventual release of the games themselves. Well, Nintendo used their E3 Nintendo Direct stream as a great stable to prepare their watchers for the upcoming game.

The October release window was officially narrowed down to October 12 as a global release date. So fans all over the world will be able to play their choice of version when October 12 rolls around in a few months.

As for some new details, a pair of brand new monsters were revealed in the form of Noivern and Vivillon, which are some sort of dragon and a moth, respectively.

The previously rumored Fairy type was also confirmed to be added to the roster, with certain evolutionary families being updated to reflect this. Fairy type attacks will be super effective against Dragon types, but no weaknesses were confirmed.

Some other details were also revealed, such as a pet simulator similar to Nintendogs which will let you take care of your Pocket Monsters in all new ways.