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NBA Live 14 Revealed by EA – Real Time Roster Updates and More

Aiming for the next generation, EA is rounding off their sports games efficiently. Another announcement made during the E3 conference was the newly added features to NBA’s upcoming edition namely BounceTek and an improved real time version of Roster Updates.

EA representatives along with Kyrie Irving who plays for Cleveland Cavaliers of NBA showed off the BounceTek technology as a mode that adds actual physics to the in game dribbling. Now you will be able to add creativity to the art of dribbling instead of getting the ball automatically bounce back into your hands every time you dribble. It will make the gameplay complex yet flexible.

The second feature that will change the gameplay to a great extent is Roster Updates that will now update the game with a significantly minimized time lapse. After every game of NBA, the player stats will be affected accordingly “an hour after it happens” as boasted by the presenters.

This adds a rich variety and dynamism to the game, with your players linked so closely to their real world performances, your NBA experience is certainly going to change –for the better!